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Windows & Solar Screens

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Window & Solar Screens

Why Solar Screens?

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Solar Screens VS Window Tints

Why Solar Screens?

  • Doesn’t make you home darker, now you can leave your blinds open all day instead of closed like they are now, actually the net effect is more light into your home!
  • Provides a third layer of insulation for double pane windows making them 15% more energy efficient in wintertime.
  • Does not void the window warranty for the majority of window manufacturers.
  • Can be taken off and removed in the winter to allow solar heat gain for passive heating of the home and cleaning of the window.
  • Blocks on average 90% of the heat entering the home, with a high angle in the southern sky the blockage is almost 100%!
  • Provides daytime privacy! blinds can be left open and nobody can see into your home.
  • Stops 90% of the UV Rays from entering your home, which can cause fading of valuable furnishings.
  • Blocks 90% of the visible light heat, which is responsible for 44% of the heat, gain into a home.
  • Exterior sun shading stops the heat before it enters the home, like having a shade tree in front of every window in your home.
  • Sun’s energy is absorbed by the open weave design of the fabric and then dissipated through the holes in the mesh as air moves through it.

Why Not Window Tints

  • Window tint doesn’t block as much visible light heat as solar screens.
  • Voids the warranty on the majority of manufacturer’s window warranties.
  • If not installed correctly the customer can see visible lines and bubbles.
  • May cause thermal shock fracture when installed on insulated glass units because of undetected manufacturing defects of the insulated glass unit itself. The heat and pressure caused by the tint may exasperate the defect.
  • Tint is permanently attached to the window and can never be removed without considerable time and expense.
  • Need care when cleaning to never use anything abrasive or you will cause permanent damage to the film.
  • With the new lines of clear window films there is a high probability of future window cleaning causing permanent scratches on the tint because the cleaner can’t detect its’ presence!
  • The metal in window film is a natural conductor of heat and although infrared and visible light are addressed, conductive heat can negate the reflective qualities of tint and actually cause more heat to enter the living space.
  • Overall cost of window tint is 20%-50% more than solar screens to install.
  • The Shading Coefficient, or the percentage of solar heat gain that is transmitted to the interior of your home, is 5 to 8 times worse with window tint versus solar screens.