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Window Screen Manufacturing

Bring Your Screen Or We'll Go To You!

What we do

We offer custom screen doors, window screens, and shade screens that cool down any room. We use thicker screen frame than most companies — all metal parts, no plastic, so that's metal FOREVER in the desert sun compared to the weak plastic that other companies use. We are a fast and reliable service that tends to your needs as a valued client. All of our technicians are expert professionals with years of experience, so with that plus the quality of our materials, we beat most of our competitors' prices. We are also a small business that is locally owned who also manufactures and provides sliding screen doors made out of extruded aluminum that's made to last for many years. Once you buy our screen doors, you will never need to buy another one, especially since our shade screens will cool down a room dramatically, cutting the temperature down, and also qualify for rebates with the Imperial Irrigation District (IID). Click "Learn More" to have your home revitalized with breezy, crisp air. Stop putting up with the humidity, and make the switch to Orlando's Screen Manufacturing today!

Our Portfolio

Why choose us?

Reason 1

Our screen doors utilize extruded aluminum, where the metal lasts forever since it is a more durable material than the weak plastic provided by other companies, and also consists of a thicker frame.

Reason 2

Our window screen installers are extremely knowledgeable through their years of on-the-field application and experience with diversely-built homes, as each area has unique traits and characteristics. We build our screen doors to where they fit your needs and standards.

Reason 3

Overall, our screens are high-quality and also qualify as rebates with the Imperial Irrigation District (IID), so after you buy from us and use them for years to come, get a monetary return on your purchase through IID.